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Home Building Tips

Thinking about building a new home?  Call the Home Builders Association of Central New York to obtain a list of qualified home builders, or to verify that your choice of builders is on their list of members.
  Establish your budget comfort range before beginning your home plan search. Use new houses already on the market to help establish a reasonable home size relative to your budget. When you do this, you are much more likely to work with plan ideas that stay within your financial comfort range.
Pay close attention during the initial builder meetings to make sure your ideas are being heard by the builder and that you feel comfortable working closely with them. Building a new home, especially a custom one, requires a lot of interaction with the builder and/or his company so make sure you are comfortable. Call the builder's office a few times to see how you like the interaction.
If you will provide us with your email address, every few weeks, we will send you a useful suggestion for building your new home. 

Harrington Homes values your privacy.  We will not share or sell your information for any reason.  It will be used only by Harrington Homes to contact you with home building information.

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