Custom House Plans in the Jamesville, Syracuse, Central, NY & CNY area


Make it Your Own

Harrington Homes regularly creates custom plans for cozy single-level homes as well as sprawling residences spread across as much as 5,000 sq. ft. Each home can be as unique as the people that live in it. Our process for building any home is based on clear communication of expectations, what will be included and pricing—this is the same when preparing custom plans.

  • We will begin with a concept and an ideal budget, then determine the home’s approximate size. Our architect, Rod VanDerWater, will meet with you and the Harrington team at no charge (up to 80 minutes) to discuss general layouts.

  • Next, Harrington Homes will draw up preliminary plans* and provide a cost estimate for construction.

  • The plan, including items such as flooring and color options, will be reviewed and finalized, then a contract agreed upon. In most cases, you must provide a copy of this signed contract to your financial lender. If you decide not to build after receiving the quote, preliminary plans are yours to keep with no obligations aside from a preliminary plans fee.

  • The next step is scheduling construction to begin.

Contact us today to see how we can help you find—or build—the home of your dreams.

*Before preparing the plans, Harrington Homes must receive your preliminary plans fee. Please note that if you require substantial changes to the preliminary plan, additional fees may apply.