Why Should I Build Custom?


Fit your home to your needs.

Build with your future goals in mind—it’s far more cost-effective than reshaping a home suited to someone else’s past.


Get exactly what you want.

Express yourself in your home’s design without adding costly renovations on top of the price of your home.


Work with your budget from the start.

Choose where to invest your dollars, so you get a home suited to you—and your finances.


Avoid unpleasant surprises.

Older homes can harbor unnoticed problems for years that cause hidden damage your home, forcing you to pay for major repairs seemingly out of the blue. With a new, custom home, you can breathe easy.


Live where you want.

Got your eye on that perfect neighborhood no one ever leaves? Simply pick an empty lot and we’ll do the rest. We even help you decide how to situate your home on the lot to maximize the landscape, so your home gets the ideal amount of natural lighting and drainage for years to come.